Nicole Tal – Upper Elementary Directress & Head of Kendalwood Montessori Elementary

Nicole Tal’s passion and dedication within our elementary classrooms at Kendalwood Montessori is truly infectious. With a remarkable ability to connect with students on their individual level, Nicole’s energetic approach never fails to ignite the love of learning in others.

Our Upper Elementary Directress brings her education credentials and teaching experience rich in Montessori methodology to Kendalwood. When asked how she got her start in Montessori, her enthusiasm shines through as she recounts how her “mind was blown!” during an information session when the connection between the use of concrete materials and learning really clicked for her. New to the methodology, and the possibilities of what this could mean for students, was so exciting.

During Nicole’s Montessori training, she was captivated by Maria Montessori’s faith in her students. Montessori theorized that children could make decisions, show self-control, and learn independently from the teacher.  While somewhat skeptical, she couldn’t wait to see this in action. Once she witnessed this for herself, she was amazed by the control and self-discipline visible in the classroom.

headshot_Nicole“After understanding the use of the materials in the classroom and witnessing the mechanics of a working classroom, I was hooked.  Montessori became a way of teaching, thinking, and working that permeated my entire life, including my parenting.”  – Nicole Tal, Upper Elementary Directress & Head of Kendalwood Elementary

Nicole’s Montessori teaching journey began in a Casa classroom where she spent six years working with students aged three to six. Her next career stop included curriculum development and promotion of Education programs for Reptilia, where students are able to learn more about the world around them and gain concrete understanding of abstract ideas through interaction with living reptiles. What a wonderful compliment to Nicole’s Montessori background!

Her return to teaching included a move to the elementary program and she loved it from the start. In her current role at Kendalwood, Nicole not only teaches, but acts as Head of Kendalwood Elementary. With an extensive education including a Masters of Education, in addition to her Ontario Teachers Certificate, Montessori Certification, and Special Education qualifications, Nicole brings the very best in curriculum design and Montessori methodology to our elementary program.  Nicole’s qualifications combined with her passion for her students and all things Montessori result in an extraordinary elementary experience for students in Whitby and the greater Durham Region.  She is such a wonderful part of what makes Kendalwood unique!

How many of you remember that one teacher who made a difference in your lives? To us Mrs Tal is that teacher. What sets her apart is her passion for teaching and the ability to see each child as an individual. She encourages her students to dig deep and reach beyond what they think their limits are. In turn her students are confident, accomplished and excited about the world around them. The transformation in our son has been incredible.   Mrs Tal’s  patience, kindness  and her gift of making his school life full of interesting challenges has made him so happy he actually loves to learn!!  – Gillian Koch, Kendalwood Parent


It is an absolute pleasure working with Nicole! As an educator she brings a great passion and devotion to her teaching, which is evident in the success of the Upper Elementary Classroom. She has a magical way about her that continually sparks the interest and inner drive in all her students, ensuring they meet their true potential.  As a co-worker, Nicole is always willing to offer her assistance and expansive knowledge to every classroom, staff and student in the school. This approach has been instrumental in the creation of the supportive and tight knit school community we have here at Kendalwood.  – Janis Koenders, Kendalwood Principal 

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