Kendalwood Montessori Sets High Standards for Student Assessment

Staying up to date with the progress of a Montessori student is quite different from the approach in a traditional classroom. When following a child in a Montessori environment, the role of the teacher is that of a model, guide and resource. As a thoughtful and perceptive observer, the teacher monitors each child’s progress and plans for their individual development.

Montessori Student Assessment

The Montessori Method ensures students are learning at their own pace, which requires an atypical approach to student assessment.  Montessori teachers recording progress for an entire classroom must take extra time and care when students are progressing through the curriculum at differing rates.

As a CCMA Accredited Montessori school, Kendalwood ensures that our teachers have a strong understanding of student progress at all times. We keep clear and detailed records as a continuous form of assessment. They are not compared against other children, or against an average/benchmark.

Kendalwood uses the Montessori Clarity computerized system to manage student progress at the Casa and Elementary levels. The system provides teachers with a method to easily track progress on a daily basis.  It enables reporting on each individual their own pace. The program allows teachers to quickly determine where each student is in their development and plan for their upcoming lessons. Additional features give context, such as the number of times a lesson has been given.

From a broader perspective, using the Montessori Clarity system ensures quality and consistency for our students. The program helps teachers to ensure all students are receiving new lessons on a frequent basis and that they are meeting the developmental and academic milestones in each program.

As a result, parents can gain a comprehensive overview of the Montessori Curriculum and two formal progress reports each school year, outlining their child’s development. As teachers update their student records frequently, they are well prepared to discuss mid-term progression with parents at any time.

High Standards for Student Assessment

Quality student progress reporting is important to us at Kendalwood Montessori and we set high standards for ourselves. We feel that personalized student assessment is worthy of the effort required. At Kendalwood, we strive to provide our families with an environment where parents and teachers support each other and work together to help students to be successful. Our student assessment methodology supports us in this goal.

Make sure you ask about student progress methodology when selecting a Montessori school for your child. Comprehensive student assessment is one of the many reasons for parents to look for CCMA Accreditation in a Montessori school. CCMA ensures consistency of standards and the safeguarding of authentic Montessori philosophy.