Kendalwood Montessori – A Caring Community

Kendalwood is much more than just a school; we strive to be a community that nurtures children and supports families. Our community approach helps students feel confident as they stretch themselves in new ways, knowing that their Kendalwood family is there to provide guidance as intellectual abilities and self-esteem are developed simultaneously.

Everyday Involvement

We have always fostered a transparent classroom environment and parents are welcomed to be a part of our everyday school activities or join in for events as they are able. Parent involvement extends the “village” which supports the development of students and provides an opportunity to develop a connected network amongst Kendalwood families.

Parent Connection

Kendalwood Parent Meet-Ups are offered regularly in an effort to provide parents with Montessori insights, parenting discussion, and other topics of interest. These evening are hosted by our Principal, Janis Koenders and Head of Elementary, Nicole Tal. Recent topics have included Technology in a Montessori environment, Anxiety & the Developing Child, and The Kendalwood Music and AIM French Program.

Community Happenings

Special family events are a wonderful way for the entire Kendalwood community to come together. Our Grandparent Tea, Holiday Social and Ice Skating Party are anticipated by families each year. Kendalwood Alumni families often join in!

Parents, friends and extended family members stop in to the Kendalwood Café for coffee and snacks hosted by Kendalwood Elementary students every few weeks. The Café has been a lovely addition to our calendar of events which we all look forward to – the camaraderie felt in the Café is unmistakable! It is also a great way for our older students to practice important life skills which they greatly enjoy. Their hard work will culminate In April as the funds raised support the Upper Elementary camping expedition to Camp Muskoka. We’ll have several parents joining us for the trip!

Being Part of a Community.

Our expectations of students are not only academic. The whole child approach to education requires focus on all developmental areas, including social and emotional. A Montessori environment is an ideal setting to foster the skills necessary to become an active community member. The Kendalwood community is abundant in mutual respect, shared curiosity and an affinity for mentorship amongst students and teachers. This sense of community remains with students as they grow and make their own way as young adults, creating a strong foundation for personal success.