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Montessori: Through the Eyes of a Toddler

Each school day, an affectionate hello and handshake start the day for our Kendalwood toddlers as they arrive in the sun filled classroom. The morning handshake is a traditional Montessori practice, which is particularly endearing with our youngest students, and while adorable, it also plays an important role in setting the tone for the school […]

Montessori Education Teaches Valuable Life Skills  

It goes without saying that building strong academic capability ranks high on the priority list for parents and educators.  Research shows there is an additional set of skills with equal, or possibly, greater importance when it comes to fostering individual growth and potential in children – emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ can be described as the […]

Kendalwood Parent Ambassadors – Cultivating Our Montessori Community

Nurturing a strong sense of community is one of our biggest priorities at Kendalwood Montessori & Elementary. Creating an environment based on individual growth where our students and their parents can establish roots, deepen relationships and feel connected as a whole is something we’re proud of which sets us apart. Kendalwood encourages partnership with our […]

Hands On Learning at Kendalwood’s 1st Annual Food Day

Today is Food Day, a celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Originally launched by Jamie Oliver‘s Food Foundation, Food Day is aimed at bringing awareness, celebration and enjoyment back to real food via schools. Kendalwood Montessori and Elementary is tremendously proud to be the first school in Canada to participate in the Food Day […]

A Montessori Start

In the first three years of life, the brain of a child develops at an astonishing rate. In fact, these early years see more cognitive development take place than the remainder of an entire lifespan. A Montessori approach to the early years involves a deep respect for a young child’s innate desire to learn during […]

Kendalwood Montessori: Doors Open

It’s always exciting for us to have new families visit our campus to experience a glimpse into life at Kendalwood. A visit really is the best way to see what makes Kendalwood unique and how your child can grow in our inspiring Montessori learning environment. We are looking forward to opening the Kendalwood doors on […]

Welcome to our new website!

We are very proud to share the brand new Kendalwood Montessori and Elementary School website with you. The website redesign has been centered on conveying the authentic Kendalwood experience which makes our school so very special. You will find up to date program information, important details to help prospective families interested in Montessori education along […]