Kendalwood Parent Ambassadors – Cultivating Our Montessori Community

Nurturing a strong sense of community is one of our biggest priorities at Kendalwood Montessori & Elementary. Creating an environment based on individual growth where our students and their parents can establish roots, deepen relationships and feel connected as a whole is something we’re proud of which sets us apart.

Kendalwood encourages partnership with our parent community as we feel that parents are the first and most important teachers for their children. For this reason, we are very excited to announce our Kendalwood Parent Ambassador program.

Parent Ambassadors are a resource to all Kendalwood families, offering a friendly ear for any questions about school matters and/or their personal experience with Montessori education. Families often need advice or even reassurance when it comes to education and parenting in general. We are thrilled to have Parent Ambassadors volunteer to support our Montessori community and extend the “village” which helps nurture the growth and education of Kendalwood students.


“When the environment meets all the needs of children they become, without manipulation by the adult, physically healthy, mentally and psychologically fulfilled, extremely well-educated, and brimming over with joy and kindness towards each other.” ~ Maria Montessori


Introducing Our Parent Ambassadors

We aver very happy to introduce two Parent Ambassadors for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Gillian Koch has been part of our parent community since 2010. She has one child enrolled at Kendalwood. Why Gillian loves Kendalwood:

“We love the warm family type atmosphere that has inspired Liam to grow academically, socially and emotionally. Our whole family feels welcome the minute we walk in the door…in short we love the Happiness within.”

Jennifer Pratt joined Kendalwood in 2013. She also has one child enrolled and a younger child joining us next year. Why Jennifer loves Kendalwood:

“Prior to starting our daughter at Kendalwood, we interviewed every Montessori School in the Durham Region. No other school offered what Kendalwood does! Kendalwood is a feeling. It is more than a school – it is a community, a spirit and a family! “

Gillian and Jennifer are available as a resource for families who are new to our school and/or new to the community. If you are looking to connect with someone experienced in a specific area, or speak with someone who may have been through a similar experience you are dealing with, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Kendalwood families will receive information on how to contact our Parent Ambassadors in the next newsletter. If you are interested in becoming a Kendalwood Parent Ambassador, please see the office. Thank you!