Inspiring Our Montessori Students

If you have been following our blog or social media accounts, you’ll be familiar with our #BeInspired hashtag. These two little words have big meaning for us at Kendalwood! Our goal is to help students find inspiration in their lives, each and every day.

The foundation of our Be Inspired approach is built around cultivating a sense of wonder, the spirt to continuously learn and grow along with a habit of asking questions about the world around us. The prepared Montessori environment is an ideal place to spark ideas and generate discussion and our rich after school and community outreach programs provide additional avenues to foster the inspirational Montessori learning approach with guidance from our faculty.

This week, we asked some of our students what inspires them at Kendalwood. Here’s what they had to say!



We love Kendalwood!

 “Lessons inspire me because they are very interesting and I love learning.” Yaashhika, age 8

Everyone is so loving and kind and I always have a smile on my face.” Jewel, age 10

“The work and the teachers inspire me so, so much!” Kennedy, age 7

“They let me use my imagination.” Jack, age 12

“It is a joy to see everyone’s smile on their face.” Lily, age 9

“The teachers are funny!” Ricardo, age 10 

“It’s fun being at Kendalwood.” Melanie, age 8

Kendalwood Montessori & Elementary School is Durham Region’s first fully accredited Montessori school. At Kendalwood, we believe that our job is to inspire children to become the best students they can be. With a curriculum that focuses on developing the intellect as well as nurturing self-esteem, academics are taught, curiosity is cultivated and respect is fostered. Our approach creates an environment where students flourish and develop a lifelong love of learning.