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Where Do Our Teachers Find Inspiration?

As a principal and former teacher, I often get asked where inspiration comes from when setting up a classroom. Over the summer we saw several teachers come in on their spare time to move furniture, purchase materials and set up their classroom. Every teacher has a different approach to creating the perfect Montessori environment, however […]

Starting Elementary School – A Critical Transition for Your Child

It’s the time of year when our Casa students begin the exciting transition into the Kendalwood Elementary Program. In line with the Montessori Method, the new classroom is introduced to our up-and-coming Elementary students in a well-planned and orderly way. Keeping in mind that children at this age have a very familiar and secure school […]

Summer Camp Adventures in Whitby!

It may not feel like camp season is around the corner, but summer sunshine is on the way! Once again, Kendalwood Montessori in Whitby will be offering weekly summer camp adventures for children of all ages in 2016. With the addition of our Infant Program last fall, campers can now join us starting at the age […]

Kendalwood Montessori – Thriving in the Heart of Whitby

Over the last few years, Kendalwood Montessori has gone through tremendous growth and development, both as a school and as an extended family. We are very proud of what we have accomplished together! Our daily efforts to provide an authentic Montessori education to our students inspire us as teachers and as parents. Over the last […]

Kendalwood Montessori in Whitby Expands School Campus!

The learning environment is such an important aspect of a Montessori education. The classroom is prepared with great care to facilitate independent learning and discovery in a beautiful and peaceful setting. Kendalwood has always taken great delight in providing an extraordinary environment on our campus, so we couldn’t be more pleased to share the details […]

How to Spot a Montessori Student

Would you recognize a Montessori student amongst a group of school aged children? At work or play, students brought up through the Montessori Method tend to exhibit a number of definitive traits, making them easy to spot. These skills and behaviours are quickly recognizable by teachers in a classroom environment. We recently spoke with a […]

Teachers & Parents – Partners in Education

A strong sense of community is a key element of a Montessori education. At Kendalwood, our approach to fostering a close-knit community extends beyond our campus to involve the entire family.  We make an effort to provide parents with many opportunities to participate and be involved in the school on an ongoing basis. Here’s a […]

Montessori Mathematics – A Hands-On Learning Experience

Montessori curriculum is supported through a series of concrete materials designed to help students conceptualize abstract ideas, particularly in math.  Dr. Montessori believed that “the hands are instruments of the brain” and by using our hands in the learning process, we are better able to internalize information. Further, using a kinesthetic process aids in overall […]

Developing Writing Skills – A Distinct Montessori Process

The Montessori child works through many stages in the pursuit of learning to write. Writing skills are separate and distinct from reading or language development in Montessori education. A specific set of materials are involved in learning to write, primarily Metal Insets, Sandpaper Letters, and the Storybook Alphabet. A child will start to learn the […]

Choosing Montessori: Why Parents Opt Out of the Public System

As Montessori educators, we often speak with parents assessing or reconsidering the educational path for their child. We share in the priority of your child’s growth and development and understand the many questions parents have about alternatives to the public school system. If we could share one concept to help illustrate the unique Montessori philosophy […]