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Why Choose Montessori for The Early Years?

In the first three years of life, the brain of a child develops at an astonishing rate. In fact, these early years see more cognitive development take place than the remainder of an entire lifespan. A Montessori approach to the early years involves a deep respect for a young child’s innate desire to learn during […]

Montessori Renaissance – Developing Young Adults

During the upper elementary years, children reach a critical stage in personal development. It is a time of great transformation where adolescents truly begin to think for themselves. Maria Montessori believed that students at this stage required two important things: protection during the difficult physical and emotional transitions that will be experienced, and a greater […]

Montessori Accreditation – A Measure of Quality

Maria Montessori’s methodology has been widely used by her followers since she opened the first Casa dei Bambini over a century ago. Her innovative approach to education was never trademarked, a conscious decision made by Montessori before her passing. Over time, many of those who followed her philosophies adapted and modified Montessori’s methods. As a […]

After School – When Montessori Kids Grow Up

There is plenty of research demonstrating the benefits of Montessori education during the important early years in a child’s life. The brain develops more in the first few years of life than it will for the next hundred! We know that the early years set the foundation for future development, learning and personal growth and […]

Back to School with Montessori – 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

Heading back to the classroom in September is an exciting time of year. Children, parents and teachers are all full of anticipation as the new school year begins. With only a couple of weeks before summer break draws to a close, it’s a good time to begin thinking about the September transition. 1. Build Confidence – […]

The Montessori Two-Year Old – Transitioning to PreCasa

We have a fresh crop of toddler graduates moving up to the Kendalwood PreCasa classroom next month. Our youngest students have passed some important milestones in preparation – their “language explosion”, time away from mom and dad, and making friends. They are now two and a half years old, well into what we affectionately call “The Determined […]

A Montessori Summer

Authentic Montessori education fosters curiosity and independence year round, but the summer months provide a unique opportunity to grow. Children seem to grow a foot taller or master a substantial new skill in just a couple of months over the summer break. Why is that? At Kendalwood, we have a theory on why these big […]

Kendalwood Montessori – Seeds of Empathy Program 2015-2016

Last year, Kendalwood was fortunate to be one of only twelve Canadian centres selected to participate in the Seeds of Empathy program.  Our staff took part in a weekend training conference to learn and gain hands on practice in order to deliver the program. We are very excited to be continuing with the Seeds of […]

Public School Uncertainty Means Parents Considering Alternatives  

The summer is a time for enjoying sunshine, family vacations and spending extra time with our children at home. Summer is also a time when many families may are researching educational options for the upcoming school year. We often speak with parents who are using the summer break to reconsider the educational path for their […]

Kendalwood Whitby Campus – Bigger and Better than Ever!

We have really exciting news to share! This summer, we are expanding the Kendalwood campus through additional square footage on the existing property. Our campus has always been a priority for us, both inside and out. Previous renovations were done in order to increase the amount of natural light and add new flooring, making our classrooms […]