Montessori in the Digital Age

In the Montessori teaching community, the word ‘technology’ can incite some pretty spirited conversation. Opinions on the role of technology in a Montessori classroom vary drastically – some schools are embracing digital tools and incorporating them into their classrooms with an evolutionary attitude, while extremists feel that there is no place for technology in a traditional Montessori program. Each school decides their own unique approach to technology within their curriculum based on their philosophy.


Elementary Students

As an innovator in her field, Maria Montessori was known for her scientific approach to education. Her materials were considered unconventional by many at the time, but she persisted in her research and science now vigorously supports her body of work. At Kendalwood, we feel that digital literacy should be approached with the same innovative mind set   which Dr. Montessori applied to her educational philosophy. We are living in the digital age and we cannot disregard the importance of e-literacy in our world.

Integrating technology into the classroom is a well thought-out process at Kendalwood and we will always consider authentic Montessori principles and practices when we employ digital teaching and learning.  At the Pre-Casa and Casa level we favour hands-on and personal interactions combined with authentic Montessori materials, opting to wait until the Elementary program to introduce any digital components into the curriculum. Once a foundation for learning is well established and students are ready, computers or other digital tools are presented to complement their studies.

“I see digital technology as a way of bringing the world closer for the digital native child analogous to the way books must have done for a child in the Middle Ages.”

Mark Powell, Elementary Teacher, American International Montessori School, Via Montessori Madmen Blog

At Kendalwood, we value the power of technology to transform learning experiences and create learning opportunities beyond our Whitby Montessori campus. Our students are provided with the best of both worlds – expanded classroom experiences, strong e-literacy and hands on computing skills combined with an authentic Montessori approach to learning and development of the whole child. We think Dr. Montessori would agree wholeheartedly!