Montessori Renaissance – Developing Young Adults

During the upper elementary years, children reach a critical stage in personal development. It is a time of great transformation where adolescents truly begin to think for themselves. Maria Montessori believed that students at this stage required two important things: protection during the difficult physical and emotional transitions that will be experienced, and a greater understanding of the society they are beginning to participate in as young adults. These students need a supportive community where they can learn more about their expanding world as they stretch their boundaries.

Montessori Renaissance Years

The Kendalwood Renaissance Program is designed to meet the unique needs of students aged 12 to 14, encompassing the traditional two-year grade 7/8 program. We encourage students to act as leaders, become good stewards of their community and to be responsible for their own education. We also encourage critical thinking, questions and discussions that help students make sense of their world.



Some of our Renaissance students working independently

During the Renaissance Years, students self-direct through six modules covering a range of topics including Hunter/Gatherer, Peace Studies, Aboriginals, Physics and Transformations, Canadian History, Civics and Careers and more. Each module contains lessons, assignments, and quizzes across all areas of the curriculum including math, science, geography, history, language, etc.

Our Curriculum Blocks have been selected and decided upon from several sources:  Montessori Curriculum, guidance gained from our network of Montessori schools, Ontario Curriculum Documents, and interests of both the students and teachers of Kendalwood Montessori School.

Emphasis is placed on becoming more resourceful, improving study and life skills, and developing essay writing proficiency.  Mathematics, Language, and all Culture areas of the Montessori curriculum are woven throughout each Block. All Curriculums for the Renaissance Level 1 program follow and cover the Ontario Curriculum expectations for the grade seven level. Testing and exams, while not generally a Montessori practice, are administered at this level to ensure effective preparation for secondary school education.

Expectations / Grading

At the Renaissance stage students will be graded using percentages for the first time. In addition, they are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 in the following areas each term:

– Self-Awareness

– Self-Management

– Social Awareness

– Relationship Skills

– Responsibility

As part of these learning skills, students are expected to follow our Code of Academic Integrity which is agreed to by signature of both parents and students. Students in the Renaissance program are provided with responsibility and autonomy, encouraging a level of independence and maturity that produces youth who are self-motivated, goal-oriented, and responsible. In part, our expectations for Renaissance students include:

– Completing all assignments in a timely manner and handing in their best work

– Keeping their binder in good condition – neat and organized

– Ensuring that daily logs are filled in and maintained

– Any clarifications, questions, or concerns should be addressed immediately, students should not wait until problems becomes larger or more time sensitive

– Computers are maintained and cared for gently – students are responsible for making sure that they are plugged in and charged for the next school day

A Kendalwood education means an opportunity for your child to be inspired and challenged through exploration and discovery. We offer a well-rounded and integrated program designed to prepare students for today’s complex and rapidly changing world, where each child is supported within our learning community. Kendalwood is a place for your child to reach for their aspirations.

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