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Toddler Classrooms at Kendalwood Montessori

                  The Toddler Community is designed for children ages 18 months to 2.5 years.  This setting provides a place where children are allowed to explore their own movements and culture by being active participants in those activities that mirror what the child sees in the world around […]

Montessori Accreditation- A Measure of Quality

Montessori Accreditation – A Measure of Quality Maria Montessori’s methodology has been widely used by her followers since she opened the first Casa dei Bambini over a century ago. Her innovative approach to education was never trademarked, a conscious decision made by Montessori before her passing. Over time, many of those who followed her philosophies […]

Montessori Education Week

Students and staff members were busier than ever during Montessori Week as they put final touches on a series of special events planned for the week long observance and celebration of Montessori Education Week. Kendalwood Montessori will be joining more than 5000 Montessori schools around the world participating in Montessori Education Week. A special highlight […]

Kendalwood Montessori Offers Top Notch Campus in Whitby

As part of our continued commitment to enhance the educational experience of your child(ren), Kendalwood has undergone extensive renovations to enhance our property. In July 2016, Kendalwood acquired additional property which was previously used by Live Act Dinner Theatre. The additional 3700 square feet, has provided a unique opportunity to create a gymnasium, a dedicated […]