A Montessori Summer

Authentic Montessori education fosters curiosity and independence year round, but the summer months provide a unique opportunity to grow. Children seem to grow a foot taller or master a substantial new skill in just a couple of months over the summer break. Why is that? At Kendalwood, we have a theory on why these big growth spurts happen during the dog days of summer.


Summertime is a natural companion to our Montessori ideals, which honour individual interests and prioritize each child’s needs. Our summer camp program provides extra time for students to explore and follow their instincts and interests. We can stay outside, share impromptu picnics and host carnival dance parties at a moment’s notice.


Imagination abounds during summer camp! Each week means a new theme with corresponding games, art and music. Together with our students, we delve into new ideas and take cues from the children to go deeper or move onto new subjects. So many opportunities to make and create inspire new ways of thinking and looking at the world around us.


Stepping just outside of the routines of the academic school year empower children to stretch themselves with confidence. In a Montessori environment where exploration is encouraged and flexibility is available, they can see themselves in new ways and try out new skills in safety, knowing that a familiar friend or teacher will be by their side.

Summer experiences come together in a special way to springboard children from their current place of readiness to their next personal milestone. Thank you for sharing your children with us this summer as they continue to discover their world and learn how much they are capable of – it’s magical to observe and a true privilege to be part of their development.


Kendalwood Montessori & Elementary School is Durham Region’s first fully accredited Montessori school. At Kendalwood, we believe that our job is to inspire children to become the best students they can be. With a curriculum that focuses on developing the intellect as well as nurturing self-esteem, academics are taught, curiosity is cultivated and respect is fostered. Our approach creates an environment where students flourish and develop a lifelong love of learning.